About Me!

•I am a wife to one, mother to eight, and grandmother to nine.

•I was born and raised in Oregon, and still live happily in Oregon.

•I have two different colored eyes.  And, no, I don't see blue out of one and brown out of the other—seriously, I have been asked that before.  And, in case you are wondering, like some people do, my dad has blue eyes and my mom has green eyes.

•I love to go "thrifting" at the secondhand stores....especially on sale days!  

•I have been a member of the LDS church all my life and currently serve in Relief Society.

•I really don't mind housework, but hate picking up after others.  I am trying to teach my boys the wonderful phrase, "Pick it up, don't pass it by!"  But, we're still working on it!

•I enjoy gardening, but have a lot to learn on the subject.  The same goes for photography.

•I love scrapbooking, but spend more time buying supplies than actually using them.  Sound familiar....any of you?

•Disneyland is one of my favorite places.  As a girl growing up, I went there every year with my family...good memories!

•Over the past twenty six or so years, my husband and I have built a 3-story back addition onto our house, moved the front part of our house to a different location (then added to, finished and sold the part that we moved), built a front addition, then added a garage/shop with game room above.  Needless to say, I am used to living in house that is perpetually under construction.  But, I think we are finally finished...except for the acreage we just bought and are hoping to build a house on someday!

•I come from a long line of crafty, artistic people who have inspired and encouraged me all my life!

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