Nov 2, 2012

Altered Couture—Winter 2013

I'm excited to announce that my pajama jumpsuit turned dress is featured in the winter 2013 issue of Altered Couture!  It was chosen as part of their "Slip Into Sleepwear" challenge.  It hit the newsstands on November 1.  As an added bonus, my sister-in-law, Kathy, has also been featured in the same issue!  How cool is that!?  She created a beautiful necklace by repurposing a pair of leather sandals.  You can check it out on her blog,

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  1. Congrats, Sue! I'm amazed how you can turn a pajama jumpsuit (whatever the heck that is!) into such a cute dress! I'm anxious to get my copy so I can take a look your entire article.


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