May 8, 2018

Another wedding...five down, three to go!

Recently, our son and his lovely bride were married for time and all eternity in the beautiful Portland LDS temple.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful day!

Our son, opted to forego the traditional boutonniere and instead made his own using copper pennies.

The flower girl, younger sister of the bride, was a little too excited about her duties.  A repair was needed for her bouquet.

The reception was held back at our local chapel.  As always, decorating for the event provided ample opportunities for DIY's, thrifting, and repurposing!

They chose the colors dusty blue (for her eyes) and copper (for his hair.)  This Winnie the Pooh quote was displayed on the front table.  I found the frame at a thrift store and changed out the cork board for some thin masonite.  After painting the frame and masonite, I used a paint pen to add the quote.  Pictures of the two were then added.

The flower arrangement was also a result of thrifting.  The vase was two separate pieces glued together and spray painted.  After painting it, I backed the top half with white paper before putting in the florist foam.  Most of the flowers were also found at the same thrift store.  

During the same shopping trip, I found a wire basket and a small frame to use to hold the cards.  They were both spray painted with the copper paint.  It was a good thrifting day!

Another Winnie the Pooh quote was added to this mirror.  I separated the frame from the mirror to make it easier to paint the frame.  The center circle was painted with chalkboard paint, leaving the outer areas unpainted so the mirror would show through.  I added the quote with a paint pen and then put the whole thing back together.

 To make the backdrop for the reception line, I built a simple frame from PVC pipes, 8' high.  King size sheets were hung from the frames, using the existing casing at the top of the sheets.  The excess length of the sheets puddled nicely at the floor.  A 20' strand of curtain lights were hung behind the curtains.  Previously, I had dipped coffee filters in varying shades of blue dye, creating an ombre effect, and strung them on fishing line.  These were hung in front of the curtains.  Garlands of greenery were placed at the top, along with 65' of fairy lights.

At the center of the cultural hall, my husband built a simple, free standing structure to designate the dance area, and provide a way to string the lights.  This was made from cedar logs and planks.  The structure was 12' x 14'.

The lights were strung in a big X across the cultural hall, with added strands going from the dance area to the end walls.  Months ago I picked up about 30 white paper lanterns from a thrift shop.  I knew they would come in handy at some point!

The gazebo (also used at this wedding, and this wedding) was used once again.  It was been one of my best investments!  It was decorated with sheer panels, greenery and fairy lights.

I found a wire basket and candle holder at a thrift store.  I turned the basket upside down, attached the candle holder, and spray painted the whole thing.  I then glued small glass vases to it.  I purchased a pendant light kit and strung it all together.  Fairy lights were added to the vases.  This chandelier hung in the center of the gazebo.

Each table had a centerpiece made from thrift store vases, glued to a thrift store base.  The bases were all spray painted with copper paint.  Each centerpiece was different.  They were filled with clear glass marble gems and fairy lights.  Each centerpiece sat on top of the 12" x 12" mirror, framed with a paper cutout using my cricut.

Another lighting feature was at the dessert table.  I found this wooden and metal candelabra while thrifting.  It was spray painted and glass vases were glued to it.  It was also illuminated with fairy lights.

The cake topper was something we had seen online.  It was made using copper wire.

The cupcake stand (used also at this wedding) was put into action once again.

We purchased copper cupcake liners from Amazon.

I found a free file online and made all of the food signs using my cricut.  Copper tape was used for added trim.

Somehow a tradition started a few weddings back with our family.  It seems that the whole family loves to dance to Apache by the Sugar Hill Gang.  Fun times!

One of the best things about weddings is that it brings the whole family together.  We had everyone there, except for our oldest son who couldn't make it.  Twenty seven and counting!!

All photos courtesy of John Sperry Photography.

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  1. Love, love, love!!!!!!! I'm so impressed with all of the ingenuity. As someone who has decorated an LDS cultural hall 4 times for receptions, I am TOTALLY impressed!!!! Beautiful family~

    1. Thanks Melissa! It does take some ingenuity to make the gym look less like a gym. But, given the fact that its a free venue, its a fun challenge!

  2. Your imagination and ability to see possibilities is truly impressive, almost as much as your wonderful family!

  3. You have a wonderful site. Are you the one who does the Games in Frames? That's how I found your site; However; Do you Frame the Games yourself? & Your Alterations of clothing is neat were you raised sewing or learned it later on in life? Either way Cute alterations.


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