Jun 5, 2018

Striped Jumper, the sequel!

The same thrift store visit that netted me the striped jumper I used to make my last tunic, also netted me this striped cotton jumper.  Wow, two blue and white striped jumpers in the same visit, with two completely different looks in the end!

I loved the crisp blue and white stripes and the 100% cotton.  
The shape was somewhat less desirable, though.
With a few adjustments, I was able to get a fun dress that will be great for summertime!

After removing the faux pocket flaps, I cut the dress at the waist.  I took in the side seams and added some darts to the front and the back bodice.

After cutting off the excess length, I gathered and reattached the full skirt to the waist.
I did a simple rolled hem.

I was able to keep the original side seam pockets.  Hooray!

With the excess I removed from the length, I was able to cut new sleeves.  In preparation for the new sleeves, I began to pick out the topstitching around the armholes.  Once the topstitching was removed, I pressed the bias tape out.  In doing so, I liked the bias strip and decided not remove it, but keep it as a nice detail.  I set the new sleeves in place and topstitched them to the bias trim.  The sleeves have the original hem of the jumper.  I also added a small tuck to the hem of the sleeves to bring them in a bit.

I'm pleased with the outcome and know it will get a lot of use this summer!

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  1. Looks like a perfect summer dress. I really like the sleeve details.

    1. Thank you! The sleeve detail was one of those "happy accidents" that I hadn't planned on!

  2. You make it look as though that is the way the dress was always supposed to be. Very nice.

  3. Very stylish, Susan, and 100% cotton tops it off.


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