Jun 9, 2018

The Fuchsia Tunic

This fuchsia tunic was a pretty simple one.  It started with a lightweight gauzy dress I picked up 
for $1.  I loved the fabric, the color, and the potential!

The first step was to cut a new length and add a hem.

The neckline was a little too wide.  I fixed it by adding a small ruffle.  To hem the ruffle, I turned the raw edge under and stitched the edge with my machine's blanket stitch.  This created a bit of a scalloped edge.  I did the same treatment with the bottom hem of the tunic.

My sweet little three year-old grandson was doing something silly in the treehouse,
which made me smile!

I like to link to these great parties!

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  1. I love it!! I can see why you loved that fabric, so pretty. You are so talented and inspire me.

  2. Did you have to take in the sides? When you take in the side seam, do you start at the underarm or farther down or do you narrow the sleeve too? Great refashion. You are very inspirational.

  3. I do so love your refashions that end up as tunics, Susan.


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