Sep 13, 2018

Girl's Camp 2018 - The Bead Table

During free time, the girls can pay me a visit and collect the beads they have earned so far.  I like to make the bead table a fun place to visit.  With this year's Alice in Wonderland theme, and since we as adults were the Mad Hatters, I chose a tea party themed table.

I layered the table with a variety of tablecloths and doilies.

Various teacups were collected to hold the different beads.

I stacked, and glued with E-6000, a couple of "teapot towers," for lack of a better term.  They consisted of colorful plates, upside down bowls, and teapots.  These added height to the table and provided a base for the dowels that held the bead banner.

I volunteered to make our wonky Mad Hatter hats...17 of them!  It was a job, but the ladies had fun personalizing them with a variety of feathers, flowers, sparkly netting, trinkets, etc.  We even added some battery operated fairy lights to make them glow after dark!

If you haven't checked out out our decorated campsite, you can see it here!

I like to link to these great parties!
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