Sep 23, 2018

Girl's Camp 2018 - The Beads

I had a great time coming up with beads for Girl's Camp this year.  The Alice in Wonderland theme was a lot of fun to work with.    Some of the beads were ordered off the internet, some were made using Fimo clay, and some were hand painted.  Here are a few of the beads...

Camp Kick-Off Bead

Camp Attendance Bead

On Time Bead

Sunrise Hike Bead

"Class Beads"
There was a change in the camp program this year concerning the certification requirements the girls were originally encouraged to complete.  We used to give out small colored wooden beads as they completed each requirement in their given year at camp.  We no longer have the required certification, but we opted to still have classes the girls could attend to learn important skills.  Of course, this gave a challenge for me to come up with an appropriate bead for each class–a little more work than just a small colored bead!

First Aid

Happy Hacks

Knots and Lashing

Self Defense

Outdoor Cooking
(Hair pins and Fimo clay.)

(Glow-in-the-dark Fimo clay.)

"Leader Beads"

Unit Leader "Trained" Bead
I figured that when you are trained, you unlock some of the many blessings that 
come with serving at girl's camp.

Unit Leader Bead
As a leader of girls, they strive to be a positive example and reflect good values.

Stake Adults–the Mad Hatters!

The Cooks

The Crafty Ladies–painting the roses red!

The Priesthood Leaders–always keeping watch!

If you haven't seen them already, you can view the Alice in Wonderland campsite decorations here, and the bead table decorations here!

I like to link to these great parties!

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