Sep 11, 2018

Girl's Camp 2018 - The Campsite

This year was my 23rd year at Girl's Camp.  I now serve as the "Bead Specialist" and love it!  Our theme this year was an Alice in Wonderland theme, based on a quote by the late Pres. Thomas S. Monson, "Choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong."  The theme had a great message to it considering all of the choices that the girls are confronted with each day.  It also made for some fun decorations.  I was asked to decorate the campsite for the adult leaders, a.k.a, the Mad Hatters.  It was a fun job!

I was able to reuse this chalkboard sign that I had previously used at our Relief Society Tea Party.  It was perched on a rustic easel that was originally made for my daughter's Romantic Country Wedding.  I love it when I can get double duty out of a prop!

I put together a couple of other signs by downloading some prints from the internet, matting them, and placing them in some frames that I already had.

I brought a fancy mirror to hang.  Unfortunately, it cracked when I was hanging it, but in a way it just added to the whimsy!

I even brought a couple of fancy clocks to hang, although I only got a picture of one.

The dining fly was decorated with a bunting made from thrifted storybook pages.

Paper medallions were leftover from my son and daughter-in-law's Shabby Chic Wedding.

The table was covered with a collection of colorful tablecloths and doilies.  A large teacup centerpiece adorned the middle.  The hat was originally made for my granddaughter's Alice in Wonderland newborn photoshoot.


The Card Guard, flowers, and mushrooms welcomed everyone to our campsite.

I threw together the large flowers at camp using some leftover plastic tablecloths, paper plates, and googly eyes.  The mushrooms were made from dollar store bowls covered with fabric and perched on top of poster board cones.  The card guards were made from foam core and poster board.

The sign pointed us in several directions.

The pathway leading to our campsite was lined with solar light made from thrifted teacups.

I collected a variety of teacups and saucers and glued them to each other using E-6000.  I also purchased dollar store solar lights and spray painted them white.


I purchased 3/4" PVC pipe caps and glued them to the bottom of the saucers.  I then put the stakes in the ground and placed the teacup and saucer on the stake.  

A few hints:  Choose teacups that will let the light shine through after dark.  If the PVC cap is a bit too big, glue a band of fun foam around the top of the stake to give it a snug fit.  A small spot of hot glue at the base of the solar light will keep it upright in the cup, but will still allow you to change out the solar light if it goes bad.  I wanted the light to sit lower in the cup, so I used a tabletop belt sander to sand off the bottom portion of the light that originally fit into the stake. 

The pathway was so inviting after dark!

I had a blast decorating for camp!  You can check out the decorated bead table here!

I like to link to these great parties!

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