Aug 19, 2015

"Yoga" Skirt

Here's a simple refashion that produces a very comfortable outcome!
 I found a very stretchy jumper, along with a very stretchy t-shirt at a thrift store one day.  I liked the color combination and could envision a fun skirt from the two of them.  I determined the length of my skirt and made a chop.  Although the jumper had a zipper, the fabric was so stretchy that the skirt didn't need one.

I placed the skirt on my dress form and pinned it to fit.  I then stitched the side seams and trimmed away the excess.

I cut my waistband from the t-shirt.  The circumference was cut much smaller than my waist since I wanted it to fit snugly.  The height of the waistband was cut allowing for it to fold over on itself to be sewn onto the skirt, then folded over again for the finished look.

I folded the waistband in half and stitched it to the skirt.

The seam was trimmed to reduce bulk.

After serging the waistband seam, it was pressed toward the waistband and stitched down to flatten.

The finished result is one VERY comfortable "yoga" skirt.

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  1. I love the fabric! It's nice !

  2. You are always so adorable! I love the color combo, too. You've inspired me to make a couple of these for back to school skirts. Hope your day is as lovely as you are!

  3. Looks so comfortable, Susan, and a great outfit paired with the tee and cardigan.

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  5. Yoga skirt! Loved the idea of this super stylish and fashionable workout clothing. Thanks for sharing these details and sewing tutorial here. Will definitely try it at home for mu workout gear whenever I will get time.

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