Sep 21, 2011

Have a seat!

I have always wanted a bench for my bedroom but never found one that I liked, or was the right size. One day I came across a sturdy wooden coffee table at a thrift store.  I think I really splurged and shelled out $15 for it, but I liked the shape and thought it would make a good bench.  The only trouble was that it was  too big for what I needed.  So I set to work cutting it down.  The process wasn't too hard.  A little bit of paint, and a little bit of upholstery and it was just what I wanted...

With pillows, or without...

I spy a lego...or maybe it is a milk, it's a lego.  Do you see it in the picture above?  I'll give you's in a place where my bare feet at night will most likely miss it!!

So in case you're wondering how to cut down a coffee table to make a bench, I'll do my best to explain.  First you need a sturdy coffee table that has an apron around the perimeter similar to this...

...and, the apron should be attached with bolts and corner brackets that look something like this...

Once you remove the bolts and brackets, and the screws that hold the top on, it should be in pieces. Some of the pieces may be glued and will need to be tapped lightly with a hammer to get them apart. Run the top through a table saw, cutting to the width you desire.  Cut the same amount off the two apron ends.  You will need to measure in from the newly cut apron edges and cut new grooves for the corner brackets.  Your table saw set at about 1/4" (or less) depth works good.  Now just glue and reassemble all of the pieces.

After painting, distressing, and glazing, it's time for upholstering.  I just placed a foam pad on top, covered it with some batting and fabric, then wrapped it to the underside and stapled it in place.  

So have a seat and relax!

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Sep 1, 2011

And the Winner is...

Congratulations to Toni for winning my first ever giveaway!  Her number was chosen through

It sounds like now her husband can have some awesome brochures for his fishing lure business!
Congratulations and thanks to for making it possible!