Jul 22, 2019

Do You Remember Tent dresses?

This is my cute little granddaughter on Easter Sunday wearing her favorite dress.  I'm sure it's her favorite because first, it's polka dots, and second, it's comfortable.  

As I watched her running around in her dress, I was reminded of when I was a little girl wearing the same kind of dress....a tent dress!  I remember back in the 60's that my mom even made us matching dresses.

Tent dresses...talk about simple!  I figured I could add to my granddaughter's wardrobe and make her a few tent dresses refashioned from things I had in my stash.  I started by making a simple pattern from her polka dot dress.  I don't have before pictures, but the first dress was made from a women's simple strapless dress that I picked up year's ago solely for the fabric.