Feb 21, 2013

Corduroy Shirt Dress and Sweater Bag

After spending weeks hanging on my dress form, half done, I finally finished my latest refashion.  This dress was created from an XXL men's shirt and L men's sweater.  I spotted the shirt at the thrift shop and pictured it right away as a dress with a rolled sweater collar.  I patiently waited for it to go on sale.  In fact, in my waiting, I thought I had missed the opportunity when I went back and couldn't find it, but no worries, it was just hanging in a different spot.  So I snatched it up!

This is what I started with...

I used the lower half of the sleeves for my new 3/4 sleeves, retaining the cuff detail.  With the excess fabric from the upper part of the sleeves, I was able to lengthen the shirt to a more suitable dress length.

I left the shirt's collar band in place, but cut off the actual collar.  I used a portion of the removed collar to create a triangular extension so that one end of my new rolled collar could tuck neatly under the other end.  In fact, since the original collar was a button-down collar, I was able to utilize the existing buttonhole at the point of the collar to keep my new collar in place.

I added elastic to the waist so that it would cinch up evenly.

I had plenty of the sweater leftover and thought it would be fun to make a purse.  So back to the thrift shop for the lining and details.  I found an extra long belt with studs that I thought would be fun.  And, a pair of brown corduroy pants would be perfect for the lining and trim.

I love the corduroy plaid fabric!  The dress is comfortable and the purse is roomy.  Besides from a broken needle while sewing the purse, I think it was a success!


Total cost for dress and purse.....$9.50!

For a tutorial on the dress, click here!
For a tutorial on the purse, click here!

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Feb 9, 2013

Dollar Store Crafting-Baking Cup Bunting

Here's a simple, but cute bunting you can make with items purchased at the Dollar Store.  All you need are the following:

1 pkg. regular-sized baking cups
1 pkg. mini baking cups
glue stick
sewing machine

Total cost:  $2.00
(with cupcake picks and 82 mini baking cups leftover for another project!)

Step #1 - Iron the baking cups flat.

Step #2 - Cut the baking cups in half.

Step #3 - Glue the mini baking cups to the center of the regular baking cups.

Step #4 - Stagger the baking cups as you stitch them down the center with the sewing machine.

Step #5 - Display!

Just a note...this bunting doesn't hang like your traditional bunting (with a gentle curve) so it's best laying on top of the mantle, or table, or attached across the front edge.  A couple of rows of these would look rather cute as a table runner for your Valentine's dinner!  Of course, with each holiday the Dollar Store has baking cups to match.  So these could be made for other holidays as well!

I like to link to these great parties!