Jun 20, 2016

Oh Beautiful for Patriotic Pillows!

Hi there!  My name is Sydney, and I wanted to show you some cute patriotic pillows that my Grandma made.

So, according to Grandma, she cut a stencil from card stock using her Cricut.  She then put some spray adhesive on the back of the stencil, applied the stencil to a piece of muslin, then simply spray painted it!

Seriously Grandma?  Spray paint?!

She placed the pillows on her bench, along with some thrifted pillow shams and a thrifted king-size pillow case reworked to make a seat cover.

Now, to be honest, Grandma says that her idea wasn't original.  She actually got the idea from some pillows at JoAnn's.  She added a border of patriotic fabric to hers, though.

Grandma is pretty happy with her pillows.  She had everything in her stash and didn't have to spend an extra dime.  Thanks for stopping by!

By the way, my cousin Malakai thinks these are pretty neat also!

Grandma likes to link to these great parties!