Jun 9, 2012

House Coat Dress

House coats aren't just for lounging at home anymore...a few tweaks and they're ready to wear in public!  Take for instance this house coat...


When I spotted it at the thrift store, I loved the soft color and especially the pocket detail.  Moo-moo style house coats aren't really my style, but I knew I wanted to do something with it, even if it was turning it into an apron.  Then I spotted these pajama pants on the same rack...

They matched perfectly!

One more score from the thrift shop...a pattern that had the exact waist detail that
I had envisioned for the dress.

So I put it all together and came up with a feminine frock that's soft and sweet.

I removed the front zipper and replaced it with an invisible zipper on the side.

The bottom skirt front has a pleat made from the pajama pants.

The back softly gathers into the waist detail.

 The sleeves were shortened with an added elastic casing.

I guess the only down side with this refashion is that I have no excuse for lounging around anymore!

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