Dec 10, 2015

Sequins, stripes, and zippers....a few of my favorite things!

Several months ago I picked up a sequined t-shirt for a couple of bucks.  I always knew that I would make a skirt from it.  Although in all honesty, I don't have a lot of places to where such a glimmering skirt.  But, last weekend's white elephant Christmas party presented just the right opportunity!

Using the front of the t-shirt, I used all of the fabric I could to cut a rectangle.  I retained the stretchy lining and cut it into a matching rectangle as well.  I hemmed both along the bottom edge.  The front of the t-shirt wasn't big enough to wrap all the way around my body as you can see below.  I pinned it on my dress form to give me an idea of the size of inset I would need.

I cut a triangular inset from the back of the t-shirt, positioning the neck zipper at the hem of my skirt.

After stitching the inset in place, I cut a waistband from some stretch lycra, folded it over, and attached it to the top of the skirt.  Pretty easy!


I wore it that night with a black sweater, necklace, and black suede booties.  Now I just need more occasions to wear it!

I like to link to these great parties!