Sep 28, 2013

It's Good Being Green!

This week's Refashion Runway challenge was Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year, Emerald.  Since I have made a goal to use up things already in my refashion stash, I was limited with finding something that fit the challenge.  My only real choice was this 100% silk dress–shapeless, with a few added details.  But I did like the fabric, and I had picked up months ago for only 50 cents!

Sep 21, 2013

Mad For Plaid!

Week one of the Refashion Runway challenge has been lots of fun!  This week we were challenged to make something using plaid.  I chose a few men's shirts that I had in my stash—a couple of plaid shirts that were cut on the bias, one striped shirt, and one blue shirt (not shown in the "before" picture.)  You might notice in the background small glimpses of my new sewing studio, which is almost finished.  Watch for the big reveal in the future!  Now, back to the challenge...

I got to work carefully picking off the pockets.  Then I cut 3 1/2" strips from the bodies of three of the shirts.  After sewing these strips together I set them aside and went to work on the bodice.  I cut the front pieces of the bodice from the back of the shirt, and the back pieces of the bodice from the front of the shirt.  That way, I could take advantage of the buttons going down the back, thus eliminating the need for a zipper!  I replaced the shirt buttons with dressier buttons.  I cut my new short sleeves from the old sleeves.

I trimmed the scoop neck with a band of the plaid fabric.

The previously sewn strips were pleated and attached to the bodice.

I added a couple of belt loops to the sides.

Just a small hem at the bottom and that completes my plaid entry for Refashion Runway, week one!  Be sure to check out all of the wonderful entries at the Renegade Seamstress and vote for your favorite!  (UPDATE:  Voting for week one is now over...thanks!)

Sep 14, 2013

Refashion Runway: Season Two

I'm so excited to have been chosen as a contestant for season two of Refashion Runway!  Beth, a.k.a The Renegade Seamstress, is hosting the friendly sewing competition.  I followed along last time and had fun voting for my favorites.  Now, as a contestant, I'm excited and nervous!  As a side note, a few months back I made a commitment to myself to not buy anymore articles to refashion (at least for a while.)  So, that personal commitment is still in force, which means each weekly challenge is going to have to be completed with items I already have at home.  That should make it interesting!  If you'd like to sew along, the challenges are as follows:

Week One: Plaid
Week Two: Pantone 2013 Color Emerald Green
Week Three: Peplum
Week Four: Leather
Week Five: Halloween
Week Six: Winter White

Well, I better get busy!

Sep 13, 2013

A Refashioned Bridal Shower

Recently, my friend and I had the pleasure of giving a shower to a beautiful bride-to-be.  In keeping with the theme of my blog, most of the decorations were made from thrifted items.  The centerpieces were made from miscellaneous tins spray painted in the bride's colors and then embellished with paper, ribbons, and trims.  The tins easily stack on top of each other.  There was no need to glue them together, plus it makes for easier storage after the event.  Also, after the flower was glued to the bow, I added a magnet to the back to attach it to the top of the tins, which makes for super simple removal and storage! 



The backdrop to the dessert table was from thrifted fabric, and a thrifted window scarf.  Even the ribbons were found at a thrift shop.  The silk flowers came from the dollar store.

My present to the bride-to-be was an apron guessed it...thrifted items—a skirt and blouse that I had previously turned into an apron (and tucked away waiting to be gifted to the right person.)  It just happened to be in the bride's colors, so I thought it would be a fitting gift!

So with a little imagination, you can decorate for a cute bridal shower without spending a lot!

I like to link to these great parties!