Aug 28, 2015

Boho Chic Sew Along

This week's challenge for Refashion Runway was Boho Chic.  What a fun and carefree style!  Of course, growing up in Eugene, Oregon (voted the most hippie friendly city in the US), and still living a stones throw away, I am very familiar with the hippie influence of this style.

I'll say right up front that I lost the before pictures to these two refashions.  Also, since these were finished while I was camping....yes, I took my sewing machine camping, I really didn't get any process photos.  So this is just a post of finished refashions, with a bit of narration!

I started with an embroidered dress I picked up at a friend's garage sale.  I loved the fabric and color, but not the fit.  It had a low neckline, flowy sleeves, and a shirred elastic waistband.  Instead, I pictured a peasant blouse in my mind.  So I cut the skirt with the shirred elastic waistband away from the bodice and then finished the top edge of the shirring with a rolled edge on my serger.  The skirt portion now became the main body of my blouse.  I used a commercial pattern to give me an idea for cutting and adding sleeves.

The vest was originally a lace jacket I picked up for free at a clothing exchange.  I really liked the fabric, but until this sew along, I really had no plan for it.  I decided to remove the sleeves, mandarin collar, and hook and eye closures.  I may use the two leftover sleeves as insets for a future project.  I also took it in and reworked the neckline to make it a V-neck.  If truth be told, I didn't have a button to finish this off while camping, so I used a pearl stud earring to fasten it at the front!

I finished it off with a fun owl necklace purchased from a local jewelry shop that sells estate and vintage jewelry all for $2 a piece...I love that shop!  Side note:  If you look closely in the following picture you can see the back half of the lizard that photo bombed the picture (on the rock by my hand!)

The next blouse also started as a solid cream colored dress.  It was gathered and tiered with a large ruffle around the neckline.  I imagine it was probably purchased by someone enjoying a vacation in Mexico.  I actually had it in my costume closet!  I removed one of the tiers and the ruffled neckline.  I also removed the elastic from the waist.  I then used another commercial pattern to rework the neckline and armholes.  I cut sleeves from the previously removed neck ruffle and added them to the blouse.

Once the sewing was complete, the real fun began!  I used Copic brand markers to color in the lace.  I LOVE these markers!  They are permanent and are available in over 350 colors, which makes it great for shading.  The pens are refillable and the nibs are replaceable.  To learn more, visit Imagination International, Inc.

I added a denim jacket to the look.

I also added a fun orange purse that I picked up for $5.99 at a thrift store.

And then to change the look again, I buttoned up the jacket, added a belt and changed the necklace to match the belt.

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Aug 19, 2015

Maxi Dress Sew Along

Beth, The Renegade Seamstress, is hosting the third season of Refashion Runway.  Its been fun seeing what each contestant creates each week.  Plus, I have the honor of being one of the guest judges this time!  I had so much fun participating last season, but have to admit its nice not having the stress of the competition.  I can sew along, though, without feeling the pressure!  This week's theme is maxi skirt or dress.  I combined a knit top with a linen jumper and had a new maxi dress in about half an simple!!

The knit top was too large, so I put it on my dress form and pinned the sides.

I stitched along the pins and trimmed away the excess.

I made a chop at the waist.

I also determined where to cut the jumper and made another chop.

I pinned the two pieces, right sides together, and stitched in place.  The top was a little bit wider than the skirt, so I just eased it in.

And that was it!  There was enough room in the dress to still slip it over my head.  I just cinched it up with a leather belt.

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"Yoga" Skirt

Here's a simple refashion that produces a very comfortable outcome!
 I found a very stretchy jumper, along with a very stretchy t-shirt at a thrift store one day.  I liked the color combination and could envision a fun skirt from the two of them.  I determined the length of my skirt and made a chop.  Although the jumper had a zipper, the fabric was so stretchy that the skirt didn't need one.

I placed the skirt on my dress form and pinned it to fit.  I then stitched the side seams and trimmed away the excess.

I cut my waistband from the t-shirt.  The circumference was cut much smaller than my waist since I wanted it to fit snugly.  The height of the waistband was cut allowing for it to fold over on itself to be sewn onto the skirt, then folded over again for the finished look.

I folded the waistband in half and stitched it to the skirt.

The seam was trimmed to reduce bulk.

After serging the waistband seam, it was pressed toward the waistband and stitched down to flatten.

The finished result is one VERY comfortable "yoga" skirt.

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