Jan 17, 2011

Library Book Bags

My grandchildren love to go to the library! But, with four kids, and about 10 books each, my daughter was getting tired of carrying all the books home in a basket. So I decided to turn secondhand shirts, pants, skirts, and belts into book bags for Christmas.

Camo skirt, belt, and size 52 pants!

Double cargo pockets on the front flap.

Each bag has a pocket under the flap that accommodates a laminated (dry erase) card to keep track of how many books are checked out and when they are due. I used clear vinyl to make it see-thru. It also allows them a safe place to keep their library card. Below the pocket is a place to put a dry erase marker.

This bag is lined with the pant material (size 52 goes a long way!), and one more upcycled
pocket from the skirt added to the inside.

An embroidered denim skirt and seersucker blouse.

There wasn't enough of the skirt fabric to complete the bag, so I did find another denim jumper that was close enough in color to use. The strap was made from denim and I added a buckle and eyelets to make it adjustable.

My granddaughter loves the Disney fairies,
so I added an applique!

This one was made from two pairs of pants
and a plaid shirt.

Upcyled pockets under the flap and inside the bag.

Extra pocket added to the back of the bag.


  1. You are a clever girl! I especially like the third one. I'm your newest follower :)

  2. Can you please show me how you sew these. They look amazing. I would like to try to make one to use for school. Thank you so much for posting all of your cool projects up here. :)

  3. Leaving the pockets on is a great idea as is having a place to record books and keep a library card. They all look terrific!!!

  4. what a fantastic way to upcycle. I particularly love the blue Tinkerbell one.

    Michelle :o)


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