May 2, 2011

Release your inner artist....with spray paint!

While cleaning out the garage the other day (long overdue!), I took some pictures of a dresser that was needing to find a new home.  I had painted this dresser for the nursery of our last child.  I realized that the technique I had used might be helpful to others.  I had also used the same technique recently on a cute little metal cart.  You simply paint your base coat, then when dry, overlay with lace fabric and spray with spray paint.  You can go lightly, or heavy, depending on the look you want.  As for the dresser, I picked it up at a garage sale for $ was pink at the time.

After the jump is a closer view of the technique.  

This was painted with a golden base paint, then sprayed with a cream overcoat.  I then went back with a liner brush and darker color to freehand some contrast.  The dots were made by dipping the end of the paint brush handle into the paint, then "dotting" it onto the dresser.

I sponge painted the edges of the drawers, then decoupaged calendar pages onto the front.

I had always meant to do more to the remaining drawers, but you can refer to my "CADD" post as to possible reasons why I didn't!

This little cart was $8 at a thrift store.  It was your typical office gray, beige, ugly color.  I thought it had potential as a portable craft station.  It could also be used as a cute nightstand. 

I base coated it with an aqua colored paint, then top coated it with an espresso brown.  I looked for a while to find some lace that would work.  It needed to have an open enough design to allow the paint to show through.  I finally found a women's t-shirt for 99¢ that did the trick.  I painted the edges by wrapping the fabric around the top and sides, then taping it in place underneath.  Be sure to mask off everything you want protected from overspray.

The sides fold out for extra work space.

The cart has wheels, making it easier to move.

I added a shelf to the bottom to allow for a basket.

A person could attach a metal basket/s to the back edge to hold craft supplies.  I have been looking for something, but haven't found the right ones yet.

Have fun painting!


  1. I actually saw this idea years and years ago on a craft program and never have done it yet...thanks for the reminder and beautiful examples, I have a table top I'm going to do it on! ;)

  2. Wow, that is amazing!! Thanks for sharing, maybe I will give it a try.

  3. Visiting from Someday Crafts. I love that blue one. The lace treatment really pops! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great ideas and good job!


  5. that's great! i've never heard of that technique before. i love the aqua and black paired together. stop by if you get a chance :) andiejaye

  6. Your pieces look amazing! I especially love the "lace" top you put on your worktable. It is amazing what a little spray paint can do! I am your newest follower. Come over to Greetings From the Asylum and follow me too!

  7. I love this. We have a hospital table for a side table-this would be a great treatment for it. Thanks!

  8. I'm so glad I found you,, great ideas,,

  9. Linked up to you. I did this last weekend and posted a blog about it :-)

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