Dec 23, 2013

A Missionary Stocking

I know you can find variations of these missionary stockings on the internet.  

Some creative person came up with the original idea and, unfortunately, I don't know who it was so I can't give credit...sorry!

My missionary son, however, is a vest-wearing kind of guy.  So, I did my own version of a missionary stocking.  You can check out the step-by-step tutorial after the jump.

Note:  You will need 5/8 yd. if you are using striped pants fabric.  If you use solid pants fabric, you can get by with 3/8 yd.

Using newspaper, or tissue paper, make a pattern of the size of stocking you want to make.  Be sure your pattern is large enough to accommodate the vest you are going to use.

Turn your stocking right side out and press seams if necessary.

The remaining steps require some hand stitching.

To make the name tag, I searched on the internet for a blank tag.  I put it into Photoshop and added my son's name.  I printed it on photo paper (or card stock), laminated it, and glued a jewelry pin back to the back side.  A peel and stick pin back would work great.

Fill your stocking with all sorts of fun missionary-minded goodies!  I included some ties, Uno and Phase 10 (for P-days), a cookbook...101 Things To Do With A Tortilla, and lots of candy!

I like to link to these parties!


  1. That is so adorable! I think I'll make some right now for my future missionaries. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for commenting! And, good luck with those future missionaries!

  2. I am so happy you linked your missionary stocking up to Tickled Pink Times Two! I am excited to be featuring it Thursday night at Tickled Pink Times Two.
    Happy New Year!


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