Aug 6, 2014

My Sewing Studio: Lighting

This small, white ceiling fan in my sewing studio has been there ever since the room was first built.  As you can see it had residue left on the blades from when the kids put glow-in-the-dark stars on a hefty layer of dust!  It was in need of an update.

I began by removing the blades and the globe and painting all the metal parts with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  I didn't want to hassle with removing the base, so I covered the ceiling around the base and also put some drop cloths on the floor and surrounding items before painting.

I found a "new" globe at a thrift store for $1.50.  I liked the gold painted trim and thought it would fit in nicely with the gold accents in the studio.

I also trimmed out the edges of the blades with some gold paint.

Now the fan fits in better with the studio!

I got the idea for this next light from a flea market.  I found a cute hanging light for $40.00, but decided to pass on it.  I figured I could probably make something I liked for less money.  I spent $2.00 for an outdoor light that originally sat on top of a post.

I cleaned it up, removed the post cap and all lighting parts, masked off the glass, and got to painting.

I needed a chain for my new light.  I priced the chain at my local hardware store and wasn't thrilled with the price of $20.00, so I kept my eye out at the thrift stores.  Lucky me, my persistence paid off and I found a package with TWO chains for $3.75!  Now I have a chain already for the next time I do a hanging light!  I hung the chain over a tree branch and sprayed it also.

I already had a light cord left over from an old paper lantern.  It was exactly what I needed for my light.

Once I put it all together and turned it on, I wasn't happy with how bright it was, and how easy it was to see the lightbulb.  So, out to the shop I went to fix it.  I masked off the beveled part of each glass panel and then sprayed them with frosted spray paint.  I have found that electrician's tape works well for masking off curved areas since there is a stretch to it.  (I know the glass looks black in this picture, but I assure you, it was clear before I frosted it!)

 After spraying each of the glass panels, I put it back together and was much happier with the results.

The last light in my sewing studio is a swing arm lamp that I happened to find at a thrift store for $4.00. I didn't even have to paint was the perfect color already!

Total cost for lighting in my sewing studio:

Paint for ceiling fan....already on hand
"New" globe....$1.50
Outdoor light fixture....$2.00
Light Kit....left over from an old paper lantern
Spray paint....already on hand
Swing arm lamp....$4.00

Total for three fixtures....$9.38

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  1. I am loving how you are setting up your studio. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! It's been fun setting it up, and even more fun using it!

  2. Wow. I love that hanging light! I love different lighting options! Looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks Shambray! Its amazing what a little paint can do to an outdated fixture...that, plus turning it upside down!

  3. What a great light "refashion"!! I love how you've been using pre loved things for your studio. It's so much more satisfying than just going out and buying everything brand new. Of course, your color scheme is really rolling my socks up and down, too! :)

    1. Beth, you're too funny! I am loving what you're doing with your "new" space! My space is small and took me forever to complete. I can't imagine having a space as big as yours to decorate. Although, I can imagine how fun it would be to try! I wish we lived closer so I could help you in your hunt for vintage funk! Love the glassware!! Maybe someday I'll get to come and see it all in person! Have fun!

  4. I'm just getting caught up on your studio posts (computer issues) and can't believe how much work you've put in and how beautiful it all looks! Very impressive. You are a hardworking and skilled lady and it has paid off so well. This is a truly lovely spot!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I got behind in my posts, due to the busy nature of summer activities. I still have two more posts coming up on the sewing studio...the aqua hutch, and the accessories. All in all, it has been a very rewarding project!

  5. Very nice! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream's City of Links last Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week :)


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