Feb 11, 2015

A Toad Stool Foot Stool!

My youngest daughter is expecting her first child in March.  She has decided to decorate the nursery in a woodland animals theme.  While shopping around for a comfortable swivel rocker for the nursery (which we found a perfect one at Value Village for only $7.99!) we luckily came across the perfect footstool to go with it.  Well, it had the makings of the perfect foot stool, we just needed to change it up a bit!

We started with this brown, furry mushroom-shaped foot stool...straight out of the 70's!  In fact, if this would have been orange, or yellow, it would have fit in perfectly with my junior high bedroom back in the day!

We got to work removing all of the staples and dismantling the whole thing.

We used the removed pieces as patterns for our new pieces.  Lucky for us I had the perfect color of cream-colored vinyl in my stash...I knew when I saw it at a thrift store that it would come in handy some day!

We thought it would be fun to add some "grass" around the bottom of the stool.  We used fusible bonding web to adhere the fabric strips to the vinyl.  We tested the process first on a scrap.  It worked fine, without melting the vinyl, as long as we used a pressing cloth over the fabric and vinyl.  Once in place, each blade was stitch with a straight stitch close to the edge.

The new pieces were then reattached to the plywood with staples.

Although the original was left with the plywood showing, we plan on gluing a ring of felt around the underside to finish it off.  Now we have a cute toad stool foot stool for her woodland nursery!

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  1. Cute shape and nice re-cover. It would look awesome with some cute spots on top that match her nursery colors! This so reminds me of my room growing up, mushrooms and frogs painted on the walls by my artistic sister.

    1. Thanks for the input! I thought about adding spots, and they still might happen...we'll see. You're childhood rooms sounds like it was so much fun. I had an orange mushroom light in my bedroom growing up in the 70's.

  2. I hope you show the entire nursery when its finished. I'm sure you'll have several DIY's in there!

    1. Yes, there are more DIY adventures planned, keeping in line with a tight budget. They are renting at the time and there are some issues with the room that we need to address in a way that isn't permanent, or costly...unfinished drywall and no overhead lighting to name two. We're working on some clever fixes, though, and will post as we go along.

  3. Super cute! That will be perfect for a nursery (or to use in tending the garden or flowerbed- lol!). Thanks so much for sharing it at the Wildly Original link party!
    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!

  4. Thanks Christina! It would make a good garden stool, wouldn't it!?

  5. What a fun idea to add grass, Susan. You really are so very creative!!! I would have loved the original if it had been orange, back in the 70s.


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