Aug 19, 2015

Maxi Dress Sew Along

Beth, The Renegade Seamstress, is hosting the third season of Refashion Runway.  Its been fun seeing what each contestant creates each week.  Plus, I have the honor of being one of the guest judges this time!  I had so much fun participating last season, but have to admit its nice not having the stress of the competition.  I can sew along, though, without feeling the pressure!  This week's theme is maxi skirt or dress.  I combined a knit top with a linen jumper and had a new maxi dress in about half an simple!!

The knit top was too large, so I put it on my dress form and pinned the sides.

I stitched along the pins and trimmed away the excess.

I made a chop at the waist.

I also determined where to cut the jumper and made another chop.

I pinned the two pieces, right sides together, and stitched in place.  The top was a little bit wider than the skirt, so I just eased it in.

And that was it!  There was enough room in the dress to still slip it over my head.  I just cinched it up with a leather belt.

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  1. Another beautiful dress! You look lovely!

  2. Another beautiful dress! You look lovely!

  3. Gorgeous dress and it looks great on you!!!

  4. Clever and classy refashion, Susan. You look fabulous.

    1. Featured today, Susan, both this post and your blog.


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