Apr 4, 2016


These cute mushrooms added some fun details to a recent Mad Hatter tea party.  With a few supplies from the dollar store, and probably things you already have on hand, you can make these fairly simply.

To make your mushrooms, gather the following supplies:

plastic cups
plastic bowls
decorative napkins
mod podge
spray paint
brown acrylic paint
foam brush
small paint brush
E-6000 glue (or similar)

Begin by covering your cups and bowls with a layer of cream or white spray paint.

Next, use your foam brush to cover a section of the bowl with mod podge and layer torn pieces of decorative napkins in place.  Continue the process a section at a time.  After you have covered the entire area with napkins, paint a layer of mod podge over the top.  Repeat the process with the stem of the mushroom.  If your napkins have fun details, like butterflies, layer those on top with mod podge.

Once dry, glue the mushroom cap to the stem using E-6000, or similar.  

If desired, water down the brown paint and brush it randomly over the entire mushroom.  For added depth, darken the edges of the mushroom cap and/or the base of the stem with the paint.

And that's it!

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