Nov 6, 2016

"Cut & Paste" Jeans

The other day I felt like experimenting with some jeans.  I got the urge to "cut & paste," so to speak, one pair onto another.

I began by picking out the hem on both pairs of jeans.  My jeans weren't the same length, so I ended up cutting off the bottom of the longer jeans to match the other pair. Once I was finished sewing my inserts, I reattached the part of the hem I had cut off to make the over all jeans the right length.  You can see it better in the close-up that follows later in the post.

I also picked apart some of the waistband on both pairs.

Next, I cut away a portion of the jeans that would be receiving the insert.
I cut this strip 3" wide, or 1 1/2" on the fold.

I then cut away the side of the other pair of jeans to add as my insert.  I cut this insert 2" wider than the first, so it was 5" wide, or 2 1/2" on the fold.  This allowed for 1/2" seams on both sides of the insert.

I pinned and stitched my inserts in place, then reattached the waistband.

After removing the pockets from the one pair of jeans, I pinned and stitched them offset over the other pockets.

And that was it...a "cut and paste" pair of jeans!

I like to link to these great parties!

Update 5/16/17!  I found these jeans online today.  They have a similar feel, but definitely not a similar price!!


  1. Super cute idea Susan! I especially love what you did to the hems. Genius! You've inspired me to try this on a pair of jeans I have that are too small. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks Beth! It hadn't occurred to me to use this process for making jeans! Of course, you probably realize that you will need to accommodate for the waistband being larger also. If the jeans you use to cut up were the right size around your waist, you could remove that waistband and attach it to the pair you're creating. Good luck! I'd love to see your results!

  2. Oh my goodness - that just looks amazing Susan!! What an awesome idea! You make it look so easy too!

  3. Yours look WAY better than those overpriced jeans!
    Really like the layered pockets, & the way you did the bottom 'hem'.
    So cute!
    I've looked over several of your posts ~ I just 'discovered' you ~ & you are incredibly talented!
    After seeing your dad's carved 'gun', I see where you get it from. 8-)


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