Mar 2, 2017

It's tunic time...part three!

Tunic number three in my series was made from a t-shirt and skirt.  I liked the black and cream combination of the printed t-shirt and the gingham skirt.

I started by cutting off the lower section of the skirt.  The remaining skirt (not pictured) was long enough that I able to hem it and still use this
refashion was a two-fer!

With the skirt scraps, I cut a "shirt tail" piece and attached it 
to the bottom edge of the t-shirt.

I cut a Peter Pan collar and added it to the neckline.  I also added a faux button placket and a couple of buttons to the front.

I paired it with a black pencil skirt, boots, and wool jacket.

I like to link to these great parties!


  1. You always look so pulled together, Susan, and this outfit is no exception. What a good idea for a tunic and so flattering on many body types.

    1. Thanks, Beth! I'm sitting at my computer right now in jeans, a denim shirt, bare feet, and a towel wrapped around my wet hair. At least when I photograph a refashion I can give the illusion of being pulled together!!

  2. Another simple, but oh so flattering tunic, Susan.


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