Apr 11, 2017

It's tunic time....part five!

This tunic is probably the simplest one yet in my series, and the most comfortable!

I started with a men's hooded sweatshirt.  It was lightweight and super soft.

All I did was take in the sides,

shorten the sleeves,

and remove the hood!

To remove the hood, I cut it off leaving about 1 1/2" excess around the neckline.    

I then simply folded the cut edge to the inside, leaving about 1/2" for a faux binding.  I topstitched it in place along the existing topstitching.

To finish the inside, I carefully cut away the excess binding close to the stitching line.  Since this is a knit, there is no need to worry about fraying.

This tunic is so so comfortable that I'm on the hunt for more oversized, lightweight, super soft hoodies!

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