May 14, 2017

It's tunic time...the final chapter!

This is the final tunic in the series and also serves as a transitional piece into my next focus of refashioned clothing.  A while back, my mom gave me a box of her (mostly) dresses that she wore in the 70's and early 80's.  I have decided to try and breathe some new life into them.  This skirt and blouse is the first one to be transformed.  It just happened to make a nice, lightweight tunic that will be great for the summer months ahead.

I started by lining up the side seams of the top and cutting off the hem, giving it a high/low effect.

After shortening the sleeves and taking the sides in a bit, I cut a ruffle from the
bottom hem of the skirt.

I gathered the top edge of the ruffle, pinned, and stitched it to the bottom of the top.

The sleeves flared out a little more than I liked, so I stitched a small inverted pleat to
pull them in a bit.

The tunic was a pretty simple transformation, but I really like the feel and flow of the fabric.  I still have a good chunk of the skirt left.  It could easily become a shortened summer skirt, or maybe even a cute dress for one of my granddaughters....we'll see!

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  1. I love the fit on you! It looks great!

  2. So pretty and perfect for summer!

  3. Lovely - this is similar to the way that I am planning to go with one of my projects as soon as I get motivated. Thanks for the great series of ideas!

  4. I love the high/low effect and the gathered peplum, Susan. This would be perfect in my wardrobe. Featured today.


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