Feb 5, 2011

Funky Phone

I picked up this vintage, gold color rotary dial phone at a thrift store for only $2.00! And, it actually works! So, I brought it home, painted it and used my cricut to cut vinyl letters for the dial. Although it takes a lot longer to dial a phone number, I really like it. UPDATE: Some of you have wondered what I used to paint the phone. Well, originally I used Krylon Fusion spray paint. It is specially made to bond with plastic. I don't know if it was too cold when I painted, or if the paint was having a chemical reaction to the "rubbery" cord, but the paint on the cord never cured. After three days it was still very tacky. So, I wiped (actually scrubbed) off the paint using fingernail polish remover. Then I bought some spray primer for plastic in the hopes it would work. I masked off the rest of the phone and then sprayed the cord with a LIGHT coat of primer. Once it dried I sprayed a few LIGHT coats of the green over it. It is much better than before! The person at the paint store wasn't sure how well it will hold up with it being a stretchy cord and all, but we'll see. The phone is going to be used in the family room so the kids can actually have a phone right next to them as they watch TV. Because, heaven forbid if you have to get up off the couch and answer the phone on the wall!!


  1. Oooh, I love the color! And the cutout is really cute! I thought about doing that on the phone you sent me but decided to leave it cream to go with the cord. Did you spray the cord, too? It looks great! :o)

  2. OKay, where to start, I am SO glad you started a crafty blog...I was telling my mom that I was excited for you to start your Etsy shop so I could see the aprons you were making! She told me she often sees you at Value Village :) Love the library totes, they are super cute and they look nice and sturdy! And personalized! Awesome! I also am in complete AWE of your dress form! WOWZA!!! You are so so so creative!!! I am impressed, and jealous! The apron you made for Shailey is so cute, I want to see pics of the kitchen Kim did!!!

    And, lastly, I adore this phone! SO cute! Makes me want to make one! How did you make sure you got paint on the entire cord?! Awesome work!

    Love you!

  3. As I write this, your dad is cutting down a tree for us in our backyard! {You will have to go to my blog later and see the pix}. He told your mother I reminded him of you, so she sent me your blog link! So FUN!! Lovin' the phone, we had a gold one growing up! So want to know how you painted it...AWESOME! You are truly amazing. {don't know why your dad would think I would be as creative, but what a compliment!! ;)}


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