Mar 1, 2011

The Dollhouse

Well, until I get some new projects done, I thought I would post some older ones. Some of you may have seen these, some not. Anyway, this is the dollhouse that I made for my grandkids. It was made from an old bookshelf that I got for free. I had to remove the center shelf and reposition it to make the "floors" evenly spaced. I also extended the sides up, added the roof framing, and cut holes on the side of the bookshelf for the windows. I used some scrap wood to create the walls between the rooms.

This is the bookshelf before I repositioned the "floors."

Sorry, I don't have any other "before" shots. This is the finished house.

A side view showing the windows. I used picture frames from the dollar store and replaced the glass with some scrap plexiglass that I had. The roof shingles are cut from craft fun foam and stapled into place. Each row overlaps the other and hides the staples. The tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are also cut from fun foam and glued into place.

A view of the kitchen (and cute cookstove) from outside the window.

Our family picture hangs in the master bedroom. The carpet was purchased from the dollar store and cut to size. The area rugs in the bedroom and dining room are woven pot holders. The wallpaper is cut from scrapbook paper.

The kitchen counters were sprayed with a textured granite spray paint. The "stainless steel" sink is a small plastic container spray painted silver.

The drum set is actually a Christmas ornament, but it was the perfect size. And, since we have drummers in the family, it was a necessity!

The fireplace was made by gluing small river rocks to a wooden base. I then used tile grout as mortar. The mantle is a chunk of wood that I roughed up and stained to look rustic. The hearth is also a piece of wood that I painted to mimic a stone slab. I then clear coated the whole thing. The chimney on the outside of the house was made the same way. This picture was taken at Christmastime, thus the tree in the corner!

It was a fun project...a little time consuming, but fun. The kids have fun playing with it. I have decided that my grandson, Isaac, is going to be a furniture mover when he grows up. He could clear that house of its furniture in a matter of seconds!


  1. Okay...are you gonna "top" your last project each and EVERY time?! AMAZING!!!

  2. WoW! I am amazed of how real it looks. The pictures inside the house look to real. I will have to give you A Plus Plus Plus Plus.

  3. Gee, thanks! I don't think I've ever received an A++++ on anything!

  4. Love it, love it, love it! And the kids love it every time they're over there. Yes, Isaac is pretty good at moving (and breaking) furniture. Sorry about that. :( Maybe next time we're up Olivia will be playing with it, too. :)

  5. OMG! the little train is amazing small and cute.. how you did it?

  6. I actually purchased some of the miniatures. The train happened to be one of them!

  7. omgosh! another amazing DIY
    I'm Your newest follower as of right now!!!
    This is beautiful and well DONE!
    Jess @ the balanced libra

  8. Unbelievable!! I had a dollhouse my dad put together as a little girl, and I want to do this for my little girl some day. This is amazing!

  9. Love your house! Made one from a kit a few yrs ago & it's falling apart in the basement because the 10 yr old didn't want it in her room anymore!

  10. I had just realized that an old cd/dvd armoire that we no longer use would make a perfect dollhouse.... the shelves are all moveable, and there are so many spaces that it could be a real mansion....then I found this post. My granddaughter is too young to play with such a toy now, but that just gives me a couple of years to collect and make the many rooms she can have for her dolls in a couple of years. And I can furnish the perfect town house that I'll never own (I'm thinking old time brownstone in NYC! lol) decorating with out the excessive expense!


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