Jan 29, 2012

Crayon Decorated Pillowcases

I work with the young women of our church and we meet each week and do various activities.  Sometimes we meet for instruction and learning, sometimes we do service, sometimes we do crafts, but always we have fun.  Since it is the new year, the girls wanted to do something to reflect this year's theme "Arise and Shine Forth."  They decided on decorating pillowcases so that when they wake each day, they would be reminded to be examples of all that is good.  

Trying to be a good steward of the yearly budget for these activities, I was able to put together this activity for almost nothing.  Here's how to do it on the cheap:

•Make the pillowcases from sheets and trim them with fabric from your stash.  Did you know that hotels get rid of their sheets (usually for FREE!) on a regular basis?  Over the years I have used many of these sheets for other church activities.  I have turned several into table clothes.  I have dyed some and stenciled others to replicate stone walls (which were used to turn the gym into Bethlehem.)  Some have even been sewn together and had bricks and windows stenciled on them to create the building facades of Nauvoo, Illinois in the 1800's.   Yes, much to the dismay of my husband, I have a few boxes of sheets around the house!

•Instead of buying expensive fabric paints and markers, use regular crayons.  The girls colored their designs with crayons, then we heat set them.  Just put a layer of brown kraft paper under and over the design and use a hot iron.

•Once complete, give the design detail with a black permanent marker.  Try not to let the marker stay too long in one place, as it will bleed, but make your marks light and quick.


  1. Great idea! I will have to try this out with the kids sometime. I didn't know hotels gave away sheets. Do you just ask the manager?

  2. did you have to make each of those small flowers or did you stencil them? I love this idea. I'm going to suggest it for our Y.W. since I work with them in our ward to. Thanks for the idea!!

  3. Cute idea! I'll have to try it out sometime, too! :D


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