Jan 25, 2012

Keeping Warm With Angry Birds!

A few days before Christmas, my 10 year-old grandson requested an angry birds scarf.  So, a quick trip to the fabric store for a 1/3 of a yard of fleece, and a rummage through my scraps produced this scarf for under $2.00!  I used images from the internet for my pattern and attached all the pieces with heat 'n bond before appliqueing the edges.  It was a hit!  I also made him some stuffed angry birds and a pig using this blog as inspiration, but forgot to get a picture of them.  Those were a hit also!


  1. That is so great! That is so impressive that you made this great scarf so affordably, and it's amazing. I know some Angry Birds playing adults who would sport that around town!

  2. I'm so out of it - I don't even know what angry birds are from. But I do know that your scarf is pretty cool! Glad it was a hit!

  3. Different type of designs are increase beauty on the fabrics.Angry birds designs are look so cute.I really like this blog idea.

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  4. You did an excellent job. Character stuff can be so expensive and this doesn't even look homemade.


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