Mar 12, 2011

Black and White

Over the past several months, maybe the past year, I have been enamored with black and white dishes. Every time I go to a thrift store I look for something to add to my collection.  I collect dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls, serving dishes, etc.  I think I have enough for about 14 place settings now.  I love the eclectic look of mixing and matching the different combinations. A couple of weeks ago, I found some double knit fabric for only $2, and some plain black fabric for another $2.  It was enough to make placemats to go with all my place settings...not bad for only $4!  I used some of my dishes to decorate a table at our church's garden party the other night.  I just happened to have a black and white checkered teapot (purchased secondhand, of course!) that I was able to use for a centerpiece.  Just in case you were wondering why silverware is missing from the place settings, they only served finger foods and, therefore, wasn't needed.

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  1. I love the plates and the eclectic feel. Turned out so cute with your placemats. Great job! :o)


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