Apr 3, 2011

I think I'm a CADD-ster!

Is there such a thing as CADD...Crafty Attention Deficient Disorder?  If so, I think I am a victim of it!  I am great at coming up with creative ideas, but really lack the attention to see them come to fruition!  I come up with an idea, love the "hunt" of finding the supplies at secondhand stores, and then never seem to complete them!  I think my symptoms started all the way back in grade school.  I was an avid  seamstress and loved to sew my own clothes, beginning in fifth grade.  Once I got past the first hurdle of cutting out the pattern (which I still put off to this day), I would feverish work at sewing the piece of clothing, but......once it got to the finish work (and I do emphasize WORK) I lost all interest!  I can't tell you how many waistbands were fastened with a safety pin instead of a button and buttonhole!  In fact, I had so many of them I should have started my own fashion craze!  Of course, the internet, with all of the awesome crafty blogs, really exacerbates my CADD.  So many great ideas and too little attention to see them through.  Seriously, I probably have enough supplies to start my own craft store and be quite successful with it!  I guess the biggest problem with this affliction is daily confronting these unfinished projects.  I like to make lists and enjoy the satisfaction of checking off each completed item.  In fact, sometimes at the end of the day I'll write down everything I accomplished that day, just so that I can check them off!  Crazy, huh?  I'm afraid to make a list of craft projects that I need to do (okay, would like to do) because after about the third or fourth item, the list-making would turn to work and I would probably get distracted and never finish it.  Then it would be one more thing nagging at my conscience to finish!  Am I the only one suffering with this affliction, or are there other CADD-sters out there?


  1. Well sign me up, because I'm definitely CADD! :o) We should start a support group, ha ha!

  2. You are SO not alone! I can't even tell you how many times I've had to stop blog stocking because my mind exploding with all the ideas and knowing I could never complete them all as quickly as I'de like...then to make matters worse I have a zillion "before" pictures to someday post the "after"s of. It's hard to be creative sometimes!!! Have you ever read the book by Carol Tuttle called, "It's just my nature"...seriously, you sound like what they call a "type 1 personality" like me. It's helped me understand myself SO much better. I highly recommend it! *hugs*

  3. Thanks, Michele, for the book suggestion. I'll have to check into it!


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