Apr 22, 2011

Child's Chair Redo

I picked this chair up one day at a garage sale for $1.  Although, it looked nothing like this at the time (sorry, no before shots.)  It was covered in primary colors.  One arm was red, one was blue, the seat was yellow, and the back was green...or something like that!  Plus, it was well worn and VERY dirty.  But, it was sturdy, had a cute shape, and a fantastic price!  I already had on hand some awesome upholstery fabric that I had picked up at JoAnn's.  I figured it would make a fun addition to my family room and provide a place for cute little grandkids to sit when they came to visit.

I trimmed it with piping around the arms.  I also added some feet, which were leftover pieces cut from the legs of a side table, or chair...I knew those pieces would come in handy one day!

Button details were added to the side to hold the fabric secure.

The back was trimmed out with gimp braid to cover the staples.

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