Oct 9, 2011

1920's Glam and Photoshop Fun!

I think one of my favorite costumes is when my husband and I dressed as a gangster and a flapper.  I found everything at the thrift stores.  His costume consisted of black pants, black shirt, vest, white tie, and dress shoes (which were actually golf shoes.)  My dress was transformed from a 1980's beaded dress.  It originally had the big puffy sleeves and was way too short!

I removed the sleeves and added satin cap sleeves, replacing some of the original beaded trim.

  I cinched up the front hemline just a little and then added a flared satin skirt to the overall length.  

The hats were also purchased at the thrift stores (although they were new items.)  I added feathers and a vintage brooch to mine.

The pictures that were taken that night at the party had poor lighting and boring backgrounds.

But, with a little photoshop magic, it's like we just went back in time to the 1920's!

Click HERE to see more costumes!


  1. The costumes are amazing! Great job on the photoshop! It really adds to the fun of the pics! I am a little concerned about how natural the both of you look with a gun in your hand!

  2. Me and you would have a blast making outfits I bet.Love what you have done.

  3. How FUN! the roaring 20's is my favorite era, and I love the fashion from then. Love the dress you fixed up. perfect.

  4. HOW cute!!

    Hop'n by from 'Creative Bloggers Party & Hop'. I'm following your blog now, wont you please come and follow me back?? ~KM

    Krafty Max Originals

  5. What fun!! And you're very good with the Photoshop, too :)


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