Oct 13, 2011

Walk Like an Egyptian!

This Egyptian costume is an award-winning costume!  (Granted it was a local church function where it took the top spot in costumes, but nonetheless, award winning!)  It consisted of a black t-shirt, long black slip (with added gold trim at the hemline), a stretchy piece of gold lamé fabric wrapped and tied in the front, a gold lamé collar with trim, sandals spray painted gold, and various gold jewelry.  The "wig" is actually wide wale black velour fabric sewn as kind of a hoodie with bangs (if that makes sense.)  I know that treasure-hunter Indiana Jones lived at in a different time period, but their worlds are still connected...don't you think?

And you never know when you might need to recycle a costume.  This time it was Pharoah's daughter and baby Moses.  This time I added a stretchy gold t-shirt over the top.  The belt was a gold curtain tie-back with tassels.  One month old "Baby Moses," adorned with his Hebrew cloth, had no idea it was Halloween!

In case you were wondering...the original backgrounds were busy and/or boring.  So, the photos spent a little time in Photoshop!


  1. Very creative! I love the photo with you and Indiana Jones! You do a great job with the Photoshopping - how about a little lesson?

  2. How awesomely smart are you with your costume idea?Love it!

  3. You look awesome! And the pictures are so fun!


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