Oct 24, 2011

Going Bananas!

My crazy boys got the idea one day to make banana costumes from "egg carton" foam mattress pads.  They even made one for my youngest.  They made signs that said, "Please don't eat my babies," and hung out at the grocery store by the bananas...we'll at least the older ones did, I wouldn't let the youngest go (actually, I would have preferred that none of them go, but hey, they're teenagers!)  They even wanted to stand on a street corner and see  how much money they would get with a sign that said, "Need $$ my wife split!"  I don't think they ever did that...at least I hope they didn't!  I do know they went crazy running around the WalMart parking lot because I've seen video evidence of that!

Costume Tip:  No real tip, just guard your foam pads, or you might end up sleeping on a hard mattress!

Click HERE to see more costumes!


  1. Those crazy brothers of mine. Well, you gotta hand it to them. Getting banana costumes out of foam mattresses was pretty genius. I love their signs, too. :)

  2. Okay, they are a little crazy - crazy talented! I love the "wife split" sign idea!


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