Oct 19, 2011

Going Super Saiyan!

Personally, I just don't get Dragonball Z...it's A LOT of yelling, in my opinion!  But, my husband and boys seem to enjoy it.  Last year, our youngest wanted to be Goten.  And, with his strawberry blonde hair all spiked up, he went super saiyen!  The undershirt and black swim shoes were thrifted.  The main jumpsuit (actually, two pieces for convenience) was made from broadcloth.  You know, anytime I can make a costume that allows my son to carry a sword and run around screaming all the time, then I know it will be a hit!

You can't see in the picture below, but the excess t-shirt material that was cut from the bottom was sewn into "cuffs" around the ankles.  Black swim shoes worked great to complete the outfit.

Just in case you haven't had the Goten experience...

Costume Tip:  The small emblem on the front of the costume, and a much larger one on the back was made using my Cricut.  I have Sure Cuts Alot v. 2.0...and LOVE it!  I ironed heat-n-bond to some black broadcloth, then ran it through my Cricut to cut the image below.  I lightly ironed that cut image to white broadcloth, cut around the circle, then lightly ironed heat-n-bond to the back of the white fabric.  The whole image was then securely ironed to the costume.   It's a great way to add details to a costume!

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  1. Gotta love that hair! Hyrum is such a little character! Great job on the costume, Sue!


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