Oct 7, 2011

Cinderella, Blues Clues and Tinkerbell

When our youngest was little, he loved Blue's Clues.  He would watch it over and over.  We thought it was only appropriate for him to dress as Steve for Halloween that year.  I found some tan pants from a thrift store, but couldn't find a green striped t-shirt.  So I made one from polar fleece (which kept him warm on a chilly October night!)  His Blue's Clues back pack finished it off.  His niece (yes, he was an uncle before he was born!) dressed as Tinkerbell with a costume made by her mom...check out those natural curls!

His older sister went as Cinderella that year.  A prom dress worn by another sister was perfect.  Just add gloves, choker, and hair band.

Click HERE to see more costumes!


  1. Very cute! We did a Blue's Clues theme with our three kids a couple of years ago. Our oldest daughter went as Magenta (pink pants and shirt with pink fleece spots; fleece snow hat with fleece ears attached; glasses made from cardboard and covered with more fleece). Our son was Steve and our youngest little girl went as Blue (I bought their costumes second hand but we got a ton of use out of my son's outfit).


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